About the Book

A gripping first-hand account of Shenandoah’s voyage…a fascinating and engaging read, and highly recommended. (Warship 2018: Naval Books of the Year)

The greatest strength of this volume is in the storytelling…. reminiscent of the standard set by John Keegan. (Taylor & Francis Online Journal)

The Shenandoah’s story has been presented in print several times before but never better than in this Naval Institute publication.
(The Journal of America’s Military Past)

An important addition to Civil War historiography.
(Dr Amanda Foreman, Author of A World on Fire: Britain’s Crucial Role in the American Civil War)

A good read for naval historians, American Civil War buffs, and armchair admirals alike.
(The Northern Mariner/Le marine du nord)

An excellent look at an interesting slice of the Civil War. (Naval Historical Foundation)

It describes the vessel, its crew–particularly its officers–and, most importantly, its symbolism for the Confederacy exceptionally well. (AUSMARINE Magazine, April 2016)

A literary work produced by a great researcher and writer who deeply cares about his subject. This remarkable book belongs in the collection of everyone interested in the Civil War at sea.
Edward T Cotham, Jr., Civil War historian and author)