"Dwight Hughes's A Confederate Biography is a fascinating account of one of the civil war's most formidable raiders, the CSS Shenandoah. Based on meticulous research, this is the first time that the vessel, its crew, its meaning for the Confederacy, and its symbolism around the world have been combined into a single and comprehensive narrative. An important addition to Civil War historiography."

Dr Amanda Foreman, FRSA
Author of A World on Fire: Britain's Crucial Role in the American Civil War
Columnist for The Sunday Times, The Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian Magazine

"This biography is the definitive account of one of the most interesting naval incidents and voyages of the Civil War, told in an engaging fashion using largely first hand accounts by the officers and crewmen involved. It is always marvelous to see a literary work produced by a great researcher and writer who deeply cares about his subject. This remarkable book belongs in the collection of everyone interested in the Civil War at sea."

Edward T Cotham, Jr.
Civil War historian and author

"This is the Shenandoah book that we have been waiting twenty years to read. Beautifully crafted with special emphasis on first-hand source material, it tells the Shenandoah's tale with aplomb and accuracy. Easy to read and always interesting, I turned the pages waiting on every action and comment to see what was next on the agenda for the thrilling cruise of vessel around the world.

Other than the original memoirs of the officers, I know of no other book which has accurately recorded the voyage of the Confederacy's number two cruiser on its mission to bring the United States merchant navy to its knees. Highly recommended for both Civil War readers as well as nautical lovers, this is the perfect book to learn about the end of the rebellion's naval war and the final Confederate flag to be furled.

I do hope that you are able to achieve great sales and this should be the book on the Shenandoah that every naval historian should include in Confederate naval records. This is the third one that I know has been published this year (two from Australian authors) and I know of no higher honor than to recommend this to all readers."

Barry Crompton
Secretary and Researcher
American Civil War Round Table of Australia

"Dwight Hughes has written a fresh and engaging account of the last of the great Civil War commerce raiders, the Confederate States Steamer Shenandoah. As the title suggests, the book’s primary focus is on the motivations and attitudes of her officers and crew, and the sources of their clashes and competition. Hughes’ common thread is the magnificent sea story of Shenandoah’s world-wide odyssey, a tale he has brought to life in a way only a seaman could."

Stephen Chapin Kinnaman
Author of Captain Bulloch:
The Life of James Dunwoody Bulloch,
Naval Agent of the Confederacy

"In his historical account of one of the lesser known cruisers of the Confederate States, Dwight Hughes undertakes a finely researched and truly fascinating narrative of the CSS Shenandoah’s remarkable voyage. Hughes writes with clarity and skillfully threads together the difficulties and tribulations that faced the Confederate naval officers in charge of this cruiser in far flung regions of the world, the place of the cruiser in the fading fortunes of the Southern states armed struggle, and the Union navy's efforts to hunt for this last Confederate ship afloat. This is a thoroughly enjoyable and insightful book."

Dr. Angus Curry
Author of The Officers of the CSS Shenandoah

"The cruise of the CSS Shenandoah is one of the American Civil War's lesser-known episodes. This is unfortunate, as it gives a global dimension to the war and offers considerable human drama. Dwight Hughes, himself a former naval officer, has superbly brought forward the Shenandoah's career, reminding us that sea stories are not just about ships but also those who sail in them."

Christopher L. Kolakowski
Emerging Civil War Blog